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Notable Members

In every (great) community, there's always some people that make you think "this is why I keep coming back".
So here's some of the people that make our server, quite frankly, epic.

Notable Members

The kind of people that will make you love this community.


Jalapeño Business

Server Admin



Gentle Hedge Fund Dog Manager

Awarded "Dog investor of the year - 2021" by the ADIS: American Dog Investor Society. His ROI surpassed that of Cathie Woof in the last 24 months.



Technical Analysis World Champion

Has a 99% win rate in his trades. Once you can read his charts amidst the hundreds of drawn lines, you'll be well on your way to being a trading god.



Fine Australian Bread

There's nothing like some Australian bread right after you wake up. And some fine due dilligence discussion during late night.



Guiness World Record - Most Bullish Human on Earth

Masterclass in finding bottoms. Masterclass in finding bull cases where there's none. Certified disciple of Meet Kevin and Tom Lee.



Hires people who peek at his cash account value while he's using the ATM.

Want to know whether there's some fine investments in the Somalian stock market? What about the Argetinian meat companies? The Slovenian ski resorts companies? The US stock market is for chumps, you will get no better return than going long on Hawaiian lava futures.



Human Inverse Market Indicator

A bear during 2020, he turned bull in 2021 after Jerome Powell kept printing money the year before. After covering his shorts during the market highs, he went long just as the printer ran out of money. He's now a bull in a bear market.



4D Chess Options Investor

Sells all his calls and puts for over 100% gains. Has yet to post a loss in his young, but impressive investor career.



Stock Market Devil

If he says markets are going down, you can be sure they are really going down. If bulls attempt to fight him, he summons demon spirits to buy puts in every ticker.


Tiny Rick

The Sun God

Owns a solar company probably worth more than SUNW. Knows more about Tesla than you'll ever do.



Earnings Whisperer

Gone missing for 3 months at a time, he comes back with the southern winds before earnings season to let the world know which direction a stock will go after their report is out. You either believe in him or lose money.

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