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Last Quarter's Podium

Last Quarter's Results



Going To Zero

Lose the entire 1000 coins you had in a Quarterly Game

The 5-bagger

End one Quarterly game with over 5,000$ in your cash account.

Quarterly Master

Win 3 Quarterly games.

Profits Are Profits

Finish a Quarterly Game with a profit.

Big Brains

Profitted 10 weeks in a row in the Quarterly Game

Quarterly Pro

Win 2 Quarterly games.

Bad Hair Quarter

Finish a Quarterly game with a loss.

Growing Gains

Profitted 5 weeks in a row in the Quarterly Game

Quarterly Winner

Win 1 Quarterly game.

The 10-bagger

End one Quarterly game with over 10,000$ in your cash account.

Quarterly Podium Pro

Finish in the Quarterly podium 3 games.

Game Overview And Rules

Game Strategy

Game Overview

The Quarterly Game uses the same stock pick you used for the Weekly Game. That means whenever you participate in the Weekly Game, you are also choosing a stock for the Quarterly game.

Basically, the Quarterly Game runs for 13 weeks, 4 times a year, and works basically like your own stock market portfolio does. In this game, everyone starts with 1000 coins at the start of each quarter. Each week, you pick a stock for the Weekly Game, and your end of the week profits or losses will be calculated and added or subtracted into your portfolio value for the Quarterly Game.

The winner of the game is the member which has more portfolio value by the end of the 13 weeks. To simplify the game, every time you pick a stock, you go all in with whatever coins you have at the moment. So, first week, you go in with 1000 coins in your pick, and if you end the week up 20% on that pick, you'll have 1200 coins for next week's entry. Then, you go all in with your 1200 coins, and if you lose 50% on your weekly pick, your coins are now 600. Rinse and repeat each week, until the quarter ends, and the winner is the member with more coins.

The Quarterly Game is where professional players can really shine, because it ties in directly with the Weekly Game. That means whatever you choose each week has repercussions for this game in particular as well, and that's what makes things particularly interesting.

You can't just choose a great long hold for the Quarterly game, repeat that same pick every week, and wait it out, because then you probably aren't going to be top of the leaderboard in the Weekly Game against more aggressive stock pickers. If you want to focus on the Weekly Game, and not the Quarterly game, you can try and pick more volatile stocks for each week and risk more.

For this particular game, you can strategize like you're in a championship with 13 rounds. If you're leading after 10 weeks, with 3 weeks left in the game, and have a sizeable lead over other players, you might want to pick more conservative stocks, like mega cap stocks, or stable ETFs, to not risk the lead. That also means other players may catch up to you more easily... or not. Inversely, if you're lagging badly on the leaderboard with 3 games to go, you might want to risk going into a penny stock to make up the ground you've lost against other players. Of course, that means by the end of the week, you might be down even more in the Quarterly game.

The best strategy for success in this game, like in the stock market, and unlike the Monthly Game which is a binary choice each day, is adaptability, because you can play this game like a football game. Know your competition and how they play, be risk on and risk off according to market moves, and according to your position on the leaderboard, and how many weeks are left until the game ends. Have fun! 

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