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Everything you need to know about this game that runs over the course of the entire year.

Current Medal Table

Check who's leading in this game midway through the year, in terms of medals won.

Game Mechanics

The yearly game takes the Weekly Game's stock picks as baseline, so there's no game rules you need to know to play this game. The game's mechanics are as follows. The top 3 players in the Weekly Game, so, the podium, will be awarded a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal. These medals will then go into this game's leaderboard, each week. By the end of the year, the leaderboard will be filled with all the members who won medals, literally like in the Olympic Games. The winner of the game will be the member with the most Gold medals by the end of each year. In case of a tie in Gold medals, total number of medals will serve as a tiebraker.

Here's a theoretical example of how a leaderboard would look like at the end of the year:

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