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Current Leaderboard - February

January Leaderboard

All time wins

Top 3 players with the most wins ever, since the competition began.


SeñorSisig - 33 wins

All Time Wins
Previous Month

Crystal Ball Bearer

Finish a Monthly Game with over 20 green days.

Monthly Pro

Win 3 Monthly games

Not Too Bad At This

Finish a Monthly Game with over 10 green days.

Monthly Winner

Win 1 Monthly game.

Monthly Podium Pro

Finish in the Monthly podium 5 times.

Monthly Master

Win 5 monthly games.

Game Rules


You don't need to pick anything for this game. The game is based on each daily pick you make in the Daily Game. Each market direction you guess right nets you one point for the monthly leaderboard. The game starts at the first trading day of each new month, and ends at the last trading day of said month. The winner of the game is the person that gets the most wins. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be the longest winning streak during the month at play. In the rare event the S&P 500 ends flat (0.00%) on a given day, every single pick will be awarded 0.5 points.


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