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Join date: Jun 29, 2022


I am a disco dancer


  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer
    Play 1 game.
  • Gamer
    Play 10 games.
  • Frequent Gamer
    Frequent Gamer
    Play 25 games.
  • Degenerate Retailer
    Degenerate Retailer
    Submit a pick and get any position on any leaderboard.
  • Trader
    Get a Podium place in any game.
  • Professional Trader
    Professional Trader
    WIn 1 of any game ( except daily game).
  • Growing Gains
    Growing Gains
    Profitted 5 weeks in a row in the Quarterly Game.
  • Profits Are Profits
    Profits Are Profits
    Finish a Quarterly Game with a profit.
  • Bad Hair Quarter
    Bad Hair Quarter
    Finish a Quarterly game with a loss.
  • Weekly Winner
    Weekly Winner
    Win 1 Weekly Game
  • Daily Streak
    Daily Streak
    Have a 3 day winning streak in the Daily game.
  • Daily Pain
    Daily Pain
    Have a 5 day losing streak in the Daily Game


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